From January 2020, Anna Śrębowata is a principal investigator of the OPUS17 project No. 2019/33 / B / ST5 / 01271 of the National Science Centre entitled ” Novel nanocatalysts in the continuous - flow selective hydrogenation processes towards formation of pharmaceutical intermediates”.

The main goal of OPU17 project is to create a fundamental basis for the synthesis of the novel and economical nano-catalysts for the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates in continuous-flow conditions. The research strategy focuses on the development of readily available 3d transition metals (Co, Cu, Fe) supported on active carbons, hydrotalcite, beta zeolites and resins, active in continuous-flow hydrogenation of the precursors of relevance to the fine and pharmaceutical industries.

Our research allows to create a relationship between the structure of the catalysts and their reactivity in these processes.

This project is a part of the current global trend in green chemistry research which is concentrated on afford simplified workup and large-scale synthesis (scalability), handling of various substrates in sequence with the same catalyst, and reduction of catalyst amount.

This project is realized in cooperation with the Laboratoire de Reactivité de Surface Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and Unipetrol Centre of Research and Education in Litvínov.