I am a leader of a small team within the Spectroscopic and Microscopic (STM/AFM) Studies of Intermolecular Interactions Group.

Currently, our research efforts are focused on the application   of modern nanomaterials based on transition metals as catalysts for the continuous - flow hydrogenation processes of industrial and environmental importance.

The main goal of our studies is to create a fundamental basis for the synthesis of the novel and readily available nano-catalysts:

- for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates (medicines and vitamins precursors) and fine chemicals in flow conditions,

- for continuous-flow removal of chloroorganic micropollutants from water.






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Forum of the Inteligent Development,         26 - 29.09.2021 Toruń

14th of July 2021 Anna Rusiniak successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis within OPUS 17 project 2019/33/B/ST5/01271. With this defence, Anna completes her Master degree from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

Congratulations Anna!!!